Nabis Holdings Inc.

Sector: Investment HoldingsCountry: CanadaWKN: A2PLN8Equity Ticker Germany: A2PL
Sub-sector: CannabisEquity Ticker Canada: NAB.CNISIN: CA6295231014Shares outstanding: 94,910,000


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​Shay has over 20 years of business experience and was most recently a founding partner and Vice President of Operations at MPX Bioceutical Corporation. Shay spent the last 5 years of his career focused on the North American cannabis space and helped to build MPX’s portfolio of international cannabis assets. Shay is adept at sourcing unique opportunities that deal directly with the development, branding, importing, consumer packaging and distribution of a variety of product lines.



​Mark is a successful cannabis operator and was a founding partner of MPX. Mark has over 5 years of experience as the Vice President of Grow Operations for MPX overseeing the production of medical marijuana and pharma-grade products across North America.
Mark has been directly involved in the rapid expansion and growth of nine facilities in three different countries, with budgets up to $30 million. In addition, Mark has over 10 years of experience consulting and working with customers to develop personal requirements for their indoor & outdoor cultivation processing space; including aiding in design, workflow and equipment, as well as supporting federal regulators and licensing bodies to ensure compliance.



​Liran is the Executive Director & CEO of Lex Professional Development Group Inc., a legal education and consulting firm. Liran has over 10 years of leadership and strategic management experience as well as a dual attorney license in New York State and in the province of Ontario. Liran obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Strategic Management from the University of Toronto, his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Manchester, and his Master of Laws in Business Law from the University of Toronto.



​Kevin is the Principal & Founder of Skanderbeg Financial Advisory Inc., specializing in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, and senior executive and management advisory. Kevin served as CFO for First Cobalt Corp. where he constructed over $250 million in acquisitions within 12 months, creating the largest cobalt exploration company by market capitalization. Kevin has been involved in over $200 million worth of corporate financing transactions. Kevin is a certified Chartered Accountant through the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia, with a Diploma in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia.



Larry is a Managing Partner at CanSave, a distributor of building materials, kitchen & bath, and doors for new construction and renovation projects. Larry currently sits on several panel committees for organizations including the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Emergency Department Operations Committee, and a new hospital to be built in Innisfil, Ontario. Larry volunteers helping business owners fortify their strategy and improve profitability. Due to his hard work in the field, Larry was awarded with the lifetime achievement award from the Lumber Building Material Association.



​Safiya is the Assistant Medical Director of a prestigious hospital in Aventura, Florida, which is among the nation’s oldest, largest and most respected hospital. Safiya has roughly 8 years of experience in emergency medicine, offering valuable insight into the unique requirements related to various patient concerns. Safiya is responsible for overseeing a 16-bed acute care emergency room, managing general operations, caring for critical ill patients and implementing new policies related so sepsis, stroke, STEMI and critical care. Safiya works closely with her community to inform and educate people on evolving medical practices through engaging lectures and community-centered outreach programs.

Company description

About Nabis Holdings Inc.

Nabis Holdings Inc. is a Canadian investment company focused on investing in high quality cash flowing and strategic assets across multiple aspects of the cannabis sector primarily in U.S american states with a roadmap to expand globally. The company will be focused on investing across the entire vertically integrated aspects of the space with a focus on strategic revenue generation, EBITDA and growth.

Highlights, top facts and our assessment to Nabis Holdings:

  • Nabis Holding is Canadian investment company focused on investing in high quality cash flowing strategic assets in the cannabis sector.
  • The company focus on strategic revenue generating investments with EBITDA and growth.
  • Completed private placement offering of debenture units raising gross proceeds of C$35 million in March 2019.
  • Experienced Management Team: company is led by two of the co-founders of MPX Bioceutical, which was bought by iAnthus for C$ 835 Mio.
  • Nabis has closed & executed binding LOI’s which let the company expect massive growth in revenues (C$ 14.8 million in 2019 and C$ 167.9 million) and corresponding EBITDA (C$ 4.1 million in 2019 and C$ 67.5 million in 2020)!
  • Vote of confidence: Management and Insider ownership: 29%
  • Focussed growth strategy: Footprint in 10 american states by end of 2019 and activities in 18 states within 18 month!
  • Nabis is evaluating multiple investment opportunities in Israel, the EU & Woldwide – strong positive news flow expected!
  • Extremly attractive und highly undervalued valuation: share price could easy multiply if the business plan is excectuted successfully!
  • Cannabis Holding Companies offer diversification & growth potential
  • Diverse Revenue – Significant geographical reach across states, as well as vertical reach into industry subsets.
  • Numerous Catalysts – Near-term acquisitions and partnerships could create many near-term catalysts for investors.
  • Global activities


To be a leading investor in a portfolio of vertically integrated multi-state operations across the United States with global ambitions – establish “Anchor Investment Portfolio” of high quality assets in a short period of time at the right price.



Industry leading operators are two of the co-founders of MPX Bioceutical, the largest public takeover in the U.S. Cannabis industry to date (MPX merger with iAnthus for $835M CAD)



Identify and Acquire majority interests in high quality cash-flowing U.S. cannabis assets and brands in Limited License States at a reasonable price. Implement Nabis’ standards, consistency and operational experience with a focus on Pharma Grade quality products for both the medicinal, wellness and rec markets.



Limited license states, high revenue growth, positive EBITDA, vertically integrated operators in limited license states with large addressable consumer populations.



Adding investment, operational, and product expertise throughout corporate structure to drive EBITDA growth