RECORD-IPO in Canada euphorizes investors and media +++ billion market for psychedelics reaches the stock exchanges +++ the 1,000% chance with psychedelics stocks +++ belong to the first investors into this new sector

10.03.2020 So far, only wealthy large investors and institutional groups such as family offices, hedge funds and private equity companies have been able to invest in the newly emerging asset class of psychedelic stocks. We have already wrote an background and basic knowledge report. Please see the article here: LINK.   Now it is time

Big Bang in Canada: Record IPO makes investors pay attention, despite exploding Corona virus cases! A brand new billion-dollar sector is emerging, creating opportunities for investors!

March, 08, 2020   Last week (3rd March 2020) we saw a firework on the Canadian NEO stock exchange: The IPO of the first pharmaceutical company focusing exclusively on psychedelic substances such as LSD, 18-MC (an Ibogaine derivative), broke all records! Demand was huge, leading to record trading volumes in the following few days, by

Cannabis Africa Series Part 1: Giant potential in Africa for residents and companies

Cannabis is well known across the continent of Africa, being both cultivated and consumed widely. In most of the countries though, it is still considered illegal substance. Very few African governments have taken legislative steps towards decriminalization and utilization of the business opportunities the growing global cannabis market has to offer. Estimates show that around